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This is where you’ll find our velour range of luxury men’s dressing gowns, in all their soft and extravagant excellence. Velour gowns are our bread and butter, and we have perfected the design and manufacturing process - no one else does it better than Bown of London. Our customers demand quality and excellence, down to every seam, and we always deliver.

The material made for comfort

Velour has its origins in 19th Century France, where it was first invented in Lyon, in 1844. Cotton velour, which these gowns are manufactured from, is made of yarns that are woven together in a process called ‘pile weaving’. This process creates a material that is soft, stretchy and durable - perfect for luxury clothing and perfect for Bown of London.

All of our velour dressing gowns are made from deluxe, 100% pure Egyptian cotton. We only use 400Gsm (grams per square metre), a luxury quality that boasts incredible durability and softness. This guarantees unbeatable comfort which will last you a lifetime. We pride ourselves on our superior workmanship with this wonderful material, and we will only ever sell you the highest quality gowns.

A truly special range

At Bown, we know that you want find that perfect velour dressing gown for you, so we have worked to fill our catalogue with as many eye-catching and dapper gowns as possible, all offering something unique and special. Classically wonderful designs like Baron Navy and Baron Claret ooze taste and give you an air of confident authority. Perth and Bruges lean more towards the eye-catching, with their striped design, and Mozart and Torino beat the drum for colour and vibrancy.

Our range varies in price enormously because we believe that everyone should have access to comfort of this quality. You deserve to pamper yourself once in awhile. At Bown, we endeavour to make your mornings, evenings, or whenever you choose to wear our gowns, all about relaxation, and all about you.

To help you make your gown truly ‘you’, we also let you personalise your gown with your name or initials, in a range of different fonts. Let there be no mistake, this velour dressing gown is yours, and yours alone. Own it.

This range of gowns is the perfect present for someone who needs to take life a little more slowly, with a lot more comfort. You’ve got someone in mind, haven’t you? Don’t they deserve velour?

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