Women's Luxury Clothing

Welcome to the women’s section of Bown of London’s luxury range, we hope you enjoy your stay. We strive to capture that hard to track down, but unmistakable feeling of luxury with our selection of comfortable and high-quality dressing gowns, swimwear and slippers. At Bown of London, we are strong believers in luxury for luxury’s sake - we all deserve a bit of opulence and extravagance once in awhile.

Gowns to suit all tastes

Our women’s gowns and robes come in a selection of eye-catching designs, ranging from the bright Sunset and cheerful Springtime, to the more reserved Stone and Moon. Perhaps you wish to add a bit of visual dynamism to a dreary morning, or maybe you wish to remain muted and understated in your comfort. We can accommodate either preference with our comprehensive range of luxury dressing gowns.

All of our women’s gowns are made from 100% pure Egyptian cotton. Also, we only use at least 400Gsm weight fabric - this is grams per square metre and the higher this is, the more durable and softer the fabric will be. When you step into one of our gowns or bathrobes, it’s the tactile sensation that will embrace you first, so we have strived to get this right - it’s a feeling of supreme comfort and leisure. We can’t wait for you to sink into one of these. Comfort and quality are what we revere, so all of our products are designed to last.

We offer gowns with hoods, to further remove yourself from the outside world, and pockets to add a little bit of convenience and functionality to them. A hood extends the comfort and tactility of these gowns all the way up to your head. Our gowns are for the quiet moments you have to yourself, when you have the luxury of time and you can forget about all the troubles of life. Slip into one of these gowns, pamper yourself and appreciate all that you have.

Swimwear for dozy drifting

On top of our excellent range of dressing gowns, we’ve also got a special range of designer swimwear. It’s a collection that varies in colour, design and price. Beautiful floral patterns, classic polka dot designs and animal print arrangements ensure that you will always make an impact in the pool or at the beach.

Our selection also includes lace-up front straps, one piece swimsuits, tankinis and much more - we have worked tirelessly to create a range that offers an array of styles, right across the swimwear spectrum, all ready for you to peruse. This is aesthetic excellence combined with unbeatable comfort - looking great has never felt so good.

We are extremely pleased with the catalogue that we have put together for women - whether you find yourself in the comfort of your own living room, or stretched out enjoying the lazy warmth of a sun lounger, Bown of London’s unparalleled range will provide for you, so please feel free to start browsing.

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